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A bumpy start and a lesson learned


When we started to set up our calling system we agreed it would be a great idea to have a digital only solution to answer calls simultaneously with just one line. We’ve received a few emails today from people wondering why they’re unable to reach us at our contact number stated in the letterhead. When we dialed our own number, we were shocked that we’ve ended up talking to someone else!

Upon further investigation we’ve found out that our provider seems to be out of business now and cancelled our previous number without any warning or notice. Our account is not accessible anymore, their support is gone, the website itself is a broken mess and judging from the latest reviews on Trustpilot, it is now a ghost company. Wow! We quickly tried to find another way to get our line back up running but unfortunately we’ve lost our previous phone number in this process. It’s a lesson we’ve learned today and we would like to apologize to everyone who tried to get in touch with us over the past few days, especially those who received a mail from us in their mailbox.

We’re back up and looking forward hearing from you! You can reach us under the following number: (907) 318-2510

Again, we’re absolutely sorry for the inconvenience or mistrust that this may have caused!